This site has been created to help those individuals who have been unfortunately infected with the FBI Virus. Our site offers sounds tested information for permanently removing the FBI Virus. Our Toll Free Tech Support Helpline is open 24 Hours to help you remove the FBI Virus. For our Toll Free Tech Support call 1-877-615-2408.

Warning: Malware Disguised As The FBI

If your computer is locked and displaying a screen claiming to be the FBI please be aware this is a dangerous virus. do not pay the fine. We Highly Recommend calling our Tech Support for Fast & Easy Removal at Toll FREE 1-877-615-2408

FBI Virus Removal Options

There are many options to remove the FBI virus on your own, without the help or a professional. The website responsible for the discovery of this computer virus discuss every option to remove the FBI virus. Options may be used as hybrids/combined. Click a removal option below to learn how to remove the FBI virus appropriately. To remove the Mac FBI virus click here.

  1. Malware Removal Software – Scan, detect, and remove the FBI virus (free or paid recommendations)
  2. Manual Removal – Manually search for and remove FBI virus files and entries
  3. System Restore – Restore PC to a date and time before infection (includes different access options)
  4. Safe Mode With Networking – Manually remove files and/or scan and remove malware (reset proxy settings if needed)
  5. Flash Drive Option – Load Antivirus (AM) software to a flash drive, scan and remove malware
  6. Optical CD-R Option – Scan and remove malware
  7. Slave Hard Disk Drive Option – Scan, detect, and remove malware
FBI Virus Information
The FBI virus is sneaky malware that can easily get inside its targeted computer undetected. The FBI virus disguises itself as The FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation and aggressively locks computer systems.
Common FBI Virus Screenshots

Please note the FBI virus screen may appear differently.