A new form of the FBI virus (ransomware) is affecting internet browsers running on Mac OS X. This new Mac FBI virus was discovered by Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes, and instead of restricting and entire computer system and using stealth tactics to perform malicious background actions, this Macintosh infection locks internet browsers including Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and others running on the same operating system, causing affected browsers to redirecting to a page that appears like fbi.gov.

Mac FBI virus

This new computer virus affecting Mac OS X hijacks internet browsers and directs users to a website that attempts to appear like fbi.gov, but is actually a dangerous phishing website. When users attempt to exit this browser window, alert messages will run in a loop that claim the computer has been locked. These iframe notifications are prompted a total of 150 times and clicking out of the messages 150 times will release your internet browser from redirecting to the malicious website that claims to be the FBI Cyber Department.

How dangerous is the Mac FBI virus?

Unlike other versions of FBI malware, this infection does not run undetected in the background to cause issues for computer users and does not install additional malware or use initial malware to infect a Mac computer.

The primary goal of the Mac FBI virus is to extort currency by engaging in social engineering in order to scare victims to pay an unnecessary penalty fine. Paying the fine will not remove this infection and is not recommended.

This computer infection is in no way associated with the government of  The United States of America and departments such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

How to remove the Mac FBI virus

Removing this new Mac FBI virus is easy. Simply clear browser data on your affected browser and the browser-lock will be released. This browser infection uses JavaScript, disabling and/or dumping JavaScript, though not always recommended will also release the lock from your computer.

Google Chrome
  1. Type Ctrl+Shift+Delete or click the Customize Icon and navigate to Tools > Clear browsing data…
Apple Safari
  1. Click Safari on the top menu and select Reset Safari.
  2. Select all options on the new window and click the Reset button.