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FBI virus is a ransomware which is growing day by day. Just like Cryptolocker, this virus also focuses on extracting financial information from the user. This virus has many variations. FBI virus is also called Reveton ransomware. By doing illicit activities FBI virus will lock your computer and then display a message to pay them money for unlocking the computer. It restrict your access to computer till you don’t pay them.

How FBI virus get into computer?

There are many sources by which this virus attacks the computer but the most common way by which it gets spread is email. It appears to be an acknowledged email and anyone from your contact can send you this. When your computer gets infected this virus can easily propagate emails with the help of your email address and also control your computer. Although it states that it is from FBI but in reality, it is just a scam and FBI does not run it.

What does FBI virus do?

Once your computer gets infected, this virus states that you are distributing or downloading adult content and other material which is already copyrighted. To unlock your computer this virus asks for the penalty which may range from $100 to $500. FBI virus accepts only moneyback payment. Moneyback is a payment method which can be downloaded from selected retail stores. This method is just like credit card and has some amount of money which is preloaded, using which one can purchase things online. Removing FBI virus from the computer is not easy. When it locks the computer it alters registry and some other settings in the systems. Not only this but it also loads harmful files in different places on your computers hard drive.

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Whom does FBI virus impact?

This virus not only focuses on home computers but also infects financial, business, government agencies, financial institutions, and academic institutions. This results in loss of private and sensitive information, financial losses which restoring files and systems, disturbance in regular operations and a huge harm to the reputation of the organization. You can know that your computer is infected by FBI virus if it gets completely locked. If you have a web cam in your computer it can click your picture and then display it with an FBI notice stating that you were involved in criminal activities.

How to protect yourself from fbi scam virus?

To protect your PC from FBI virus keep the following things in mind.
1. Always keep your antivirus software updated.
2. Use a different password at different places and make sure your password is strong.
3. While using internet on mobile use the precaution which you use in computers.
4. If you receive an unfriendly email with an attachment to it, do not open it. Don’t click on URL present in some unsolicited email.
5. On your web browser and operating system enable the automated patches.
6. Always use a blocker for pop-ups.
7. If you are downloading any free software always download it from the trusted site only. FBI virus can come from using customized toolbars, file sharing, and by downloading some games.
8. No matter whether you are individual or business, it is recommended to conduct system backups on regular basis and to store the data (which is backed up) offline. By doing this one can prevent loss of important data and files.

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What to do if the computer gets infected by FBI virus?

First things to keep in mind is to not provide any personal information or pay this virus. Paying for the virus will only fund these criminals and increase the number of attacks. Disconnect the computer from the internet and turn it off, disconnecting the internet will take off the virus control on your computer. But be aware that restarting the computer or running in safe mood will not help to remove this virus, even after doing this the virus may be still operating in the background so you need to be aware. To remove FBI virus completely from your computer contact professionals who can remove it.

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