Fbi Moneypak Virus Removal Help & Support

Fbi Scam Virus Is Real Or Fake

March 6, 2018 by Computer Expert

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Who does not like technology? We are becoming gadget dependant day by day, be it dependency on cell phones, Laptops, Ipads Etc. We cannot imagine our lives without these gadgets now. But as technology has become so advanced it also comes with its sets of disadvantages. So its always wise to use tehnology knowing its Read More

Get FBI Ransomware Removal Help By Computer Experts

March 5, 2018 by Computer Expert

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FBI Ransomware is a Trojan Horse malware that locks the computer upon visiting a conciliated website or accessing illegal/third-party content. It claims that the user has been involved in an illegal or illicit activity online like accessing child porn, distributing copyrighted material etc. It works almost like Cryptolocker and Metropolitan Police Scam and makes the Read More

FBI MoneyPak Virus Warning On Computer Screen

March 4, 2018 by Computer Expert

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The latest malware threats have wreaking havoc and one of them is known as the FBI virus aka FBI MoneyPak. The FBI MoneyPak that holds your computer as a hostage to wring money out of you. FBI malware locks your computer allegedly due to involvement in illicit activities. It reports that you’re downloading or distributing Read More

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