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Computer Locked Virus Warning Removal help

March 17, 2018 by Computer Expert

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The Computer Locked virus is a ransomware that uses the name of a local legal/law enforcement agency like FBI, Metropolitan Police, AFP, USDJ, RCMP, or UKP to make the victims believe the claimed authenticity. If you see such notification on your computer screen, then that means a malware, namely ‘Trojan Reveton’ has attacked your computer. Read More


March 9, 2018 by Computer Expert

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The Internet is contempt of severely, unknowingly trapping viruses. Sometimes, users do almost nothing, and still, find their computers corrupted by complex-structured viruses. Sometimes, even not downloading any compromised files but only visiting a ill bit compromised websites may lead users to an awfully scaring label, ‘ YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED !’ One such Read More

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