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Computer Locked Virus Warning Removal help

March 17, 2018 by Computer Expert

The Computer Locked virus is a ransomware that uses the name of a local legal/law enforcement agency like FBI, Metropolitan Police, AFP, USDJ, RCMP, or UKP to make the victims believe the claimed authenticity. If you see such notification on your computer screen, then that means a malware, namely ‘Trojan Reveton’ has attacked your computer. It locks you out of your computer and all applications, blocking your access. Whenever you try to get into, a lock screen, asking you to pay a non-existing fine, pops up. Moreover, the malware also has the ability to use the webcam installed on your computer. The malware shows whatever is happening around using the webcam. This ability makes the alert look even more authentic and authoritative.

Computer locked Virus Removal Guidance

There are several means to distribute the Computer Locked virus. Usage of vulnerabilities on your computer by exploit kits that infect your computer system is one of the most common causes. Malicious or legitimate but hacked websites can install the trojan without your knowledge. Tricky spam emails containing infected attachments can also lead to the installation of the fbi virus. Sometimes, scammers also attach and package such viruses with pirated software and upload on P2P file sharing websites. Hence, manual download of pirated software from third-party sources is absolutely not recommended.

Computer Locked Virus

The Computer Locked virus demands a fine for the alleged download, distribution or possession of the copyrighted or illicit material. It claims that the victim has been involved in an illegal or prohibited activity, like download/distribution of copyrighted object or child pornography and hence must pay a fine through a payment method like greendot MoneyPak or MoneyGram Xpress Packet vouchers (depends basically on the location factor). All this, however, is a scam trying to lead the victim into paying the non-existing fine. If you have been a victim and paid the fraudulent fine amount, you should register a refund request.

Computer Locked Virus removal


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