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March 10, 2018 by Computer Expert

The fake FBI Warning is programmed and meants to corrupt its targets’ device and block any kinda access into it. Once the malware causing the warning claiming to be from a local law enforcement agency has broken into the device, it demands the victim to pay a NON-EXISTING/UNREAL fine ranging from $100 to $600 within a given time limit. It accuses the victim of having watched illegal/illicit content like child pornograpy or downloading and distributing copyrighted content and says that there may be legal action taken if the victim doesn’t pay the fine required to fix and unlock the device. Also, the malware uses Trojan.LockScreen to lock the infected device in a devastating manner.

Fbi Virus Removal Guidance By experts

Since there is no guarantee of the scammers keeping their end of the deal and helping you remove the malware, it is not advised to trust them and pay the amount. Such warnings are NOT real or legit but just a mere trick by hackers to fool the victims into paying the non-existent fine. Malwares creating such warnings are usually spread by spam emails, third-party downloads etc. Intentional and unintentional clicks on infected links on third-party/compromised websites are the most common factors leading into installation of such malwares. They can affect both PCs and Android Phones. Hence, it is necessary to be cautious while using any device and take adequate security and precautionary measures. Taking regular backups, always keeping a trusted anti-virus installed, avoiding clicking on suspicious links and not going for third-party installations are a few things one can do to remain safe.

Fake FBI Warning sample image below

fake fbi warning

The causative virus of fake FBI Warning can be quarantined manually or with the help of a cyber specialist. For PCs, there are many ways to remove the virus but for phones, eradication techniques may vary phone-to-phone. Try researching with the specific model of your phone.

fake fbi warning lock


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