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Fbi Moneypak Virus Block Computer Screen Removal Help

April 28, 2018 by Computer Expert

FBI moneypak virus is a type of virus which locks all the applications in the computer till you don’t pay ransom in Moneypak form. This is used to take money from the victim. When the victim visits any hacked website containing malicious programs then this virus gets installed. FBI moneypak virus gets installed without the knowledge of the user.

What can FBI moneyback virus do?

When your computer gets infected, this virus automatically gets start whenever you log in. It displays an alert stating that it is from FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and your computer is infected. It is blocked because of involvement in pornographic material distribution, copyrighted content, and spams. To access the desktop user has to pay an amount of $100 in form of Moneypak. Once the user pays, the virus developers unlock the system within 48 hours. This virus can also hack your webcam using which it can show in the alert that what is going on in the room. This makes the alert look more authentic and they can easily scare the user.
Once this virus enters in your computer, it starts encrypting all folders and files that are present on local drives, backup drives, and other attached drives. The user remains unaware of the FBI moneyback virus until they do not begin to see alert messages and can’t access the files and data.

fbi moneypak virus

How to protect the computer?

  • Always keep the backup of all the data and important files present in the system. So that even if the system gets infected you will have a copy of all the files.
  • Install a good anti-virus which can block fbi virus and protect the system. A good anti-virus tool can detect the virus already present in the system and also completely remove it.
  • Do not pay them for decrypting your files. This will only lead to an increase in the virus attack. Instead of paying, contact the services which can help you to remove this virus from your computer.


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