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FBI Prism Virus Computer Locked Warning Removal Help

March 17, 2018 by Computer Expert

FBI Prism Virus is a malware designed basically for android-based smartphones. It works similar to the Reveton (except for it works on smartphone platform). As soon as a mobile phone user (intentionally or unintentionally) installs the malware, the malware locks the user out of the phone. It restrains any kind of access into the phone and displays a fake warning screen. The warning screen alleges that the victim has been involved in an illicit or criminal activity like download or distribute of child porn, copyrighted content etc. and demands a “legal fine” ranging from $100 to $500 within a time limit through MoneyPak.

FBI Prism Virus locked your computer?

The virus has developed a lot, and can these days be found in several disguises. Although the most basic version displays a fake alert in the name of FBI, other variant can also pretend some law enforcement agency local to the target (CIA, ICJ, UKJ, MP etc.) so as to make the victim truly believe in the scam.

FBI Prism Virus

The fbi virus spreads mainly by the following activities:

• Visiting compromised websites: Hackers insert malicious codes into already infected websites (or sometimes even legitimate websites). As soon as the target visits a such website, the FBI Prism Virus automatically installs itself.
• Spam Email or Social Media Campaigns: The FBI Prism Virus sends spam emails to the targets containing infected attachments. In such cases, the email claims identity of a trustworthy and popular company. Besides, the FBI Prism Virus can also spread through social media. Hackers and scammers post infected links on several social media en mass clicking on which leads to installation of the virus.
• Third-party installations: Hackers also often attach and wrap such viruses with pirated software and other content. Hence, installing third-party software installations can also lead to the worst.

However, no matter how serious or how genuine the case looks, there is absolutely no need to pay any fine. The fine is non-existing and in fact, there is no guarantee of the scammers keeping their end of the deal by unlocking the device. It is all a trick being played by the hackers to fool the victim into paying the fine. What one should do is trying to manually remove the virus or contact an expert.

FBI Prism Virus removal


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