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Fbi Scam Virus Is Real Or Fake

March 6, 2018 by Computer Expert

Who does not like technology? We are becoming gadget dependant day by day, be it dependency on cell phones, Laptops, Ipads Etc. We cannot imagine our lives without these gadgets now. But as technology has become so advanced it also comes with its sets of disadvantages. So its always wise to use tehnology knowing its set of limitations.The FBI Virus is the latest virus attacking our computers also known as fbi scam virus, it disturbs our normal working on browser and demand a money on order to set our browsing free for us to use.

Fbi Scam Virus Removal Guidance Video

FBI virus has gradually become very effective and disrupting the daily work we perform on our desktops, computers etc. So while browsing on your laptop please be very careful if you receive any such messages asking to pay money or to share your personal account number, pin umber etc please do not reply to those messages as those are fake messages names as viruses used to destroy and corrupt our laptops.


As a preventive always have latest anti virus installed on your laptops so that your important files and documents gets protected and whenever you use any pen drive please scan the viruses before you start using the pen drives or hard disk etc.

Be aware that this FBI scam Virus cannot be closed with the cross, as soon as you see this on your computer screen, What you can do is boot your machine into Safe mode with Networking which will keep safe your important files not allowing them to corrupt.

fbi virus removal

Please also share this latest new about FBI Scam virus with your friends and relatives and help your friends to have safe surfing on the net! Be always alert with any unknown messages on your laptops, don’t be in hurry to click it till the time you know about it!!


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