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How to Remove Fbi Warning Virus?

March 17, 2018 by Computer Expert

Just like all other viruses, there are several precautionary measures needed to be taken in order to prevent fbi warning virus from attacking your computer. Being careful and cautious is the first thing one needs to do.

Computer Locked by Fbi Warning Virus ?

fbi virus enters one’s computer through compromised websites, illegal surfing, suspicious E-Mail attachments, third-party installations etc. Thus, such activities should be avoided as far as possible. It gets into the targeted computer using Trojan.LockScreen thus presenting a screen with an absolutely fake FBI warning virus. Unlike most other viruses which come into action and attack when users open corrupt files, this one can auto-install itself upon clicking the link of a compromised website. It instantaneously locks users out of their computer post installation. The alleged reason is “involvement in an illegal task online”, mostly those related to piracy or pornography; bulk spamming or irresponsible usage of the computer.

Fbi Warning Virus

The most effective precautions are as follows:

  • Back your data up at a regular interval
  • ALWAYS have a trusted anti-virus installed
  • Avoid third-party installations as far as possible
  • Do NOT click on random links or ads
  • Keep your Software ALWAYS updated
  • Keep a powerful ad blocker and a popup blocker ALWAYS active

Besides these, avoid opening suspicious files shared on social media, even those by your own friends, as the ransomware may come bundled with such files. This spreads mostly through E-Mail attachments. Clicking on infected links, be it an intentional click or unintentional, also leads to installation of such viruses. Online ads are the most common examples, mostly in the form of fake download buttons on torrent and other third-party or piracy sites. The Ransomware, also known with several aliases like Trojan Urausy and Reveton, was first noticed in 2012. It has evolved tremendously thereafter and now can also attack not only PC users but also mobile phone clients. Therefore, all internet users are advised to be cautious.

Fbi Warning Virus removal


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