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Is FBI Warning real or fake?

March 17, 2018 by Computer Expert

Technology has always been a boon to the society, it has given us so many discoveries we use in our day today household which makes our lives very comfortable and easy going for ex AC, Refrigerator and many more and the list is endless. But at the same technology is also used by some people in an illegal way. There are many hackers who hack our system and wrongly get our passwords and use our data in a wrong way. And for us to believe that the scam is genuine or not is again a big challenge.

Know FBI Warning real or fake

The recent FBI warning virus is gaining a lot of attention, people are asking question whether it is real or fake, there are so many scams shown online that it is difficult that which to believe and which to deny. As we are so busy using technology so we should be very much updated about Scams spread so that we should be cautious. You should never disclose any personal data, account number etc to any unknown caller or email. No government or renowned agencies will ask you to share your personal data.

FBI Warning

There are many fake warning also available online just to divert people attention, but if we are aware about these fake warning well in advance, there could be chances that we can prevent or stop ourselves from being wrongly targeted by these FBI Virus warning. So please careful with these points delete unnecessary data, and always keep a back up of important files, documents etc. If you see any pop up blinking on your screen which is of no use to you, please do not click on that icon till the time you are aware what it is all about.

The recent FBI warning there is lot of speculation about it as being fake or real, we will get to know that with time but be very careful with your laptops and use it carefully and smartly. Spread awareness amongst your friend circle regarding smart use of technology!

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