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March 9, 2018 by Computer Expert

The Internet is contempt of severely, unknowingly trapping viruses. Sometimes, users do almost nothing, and still, find their computers corrupted by complex-structured viruses. Sometimes, even not downloading any compromised files but only visiting a ill bit compromised websites may lead users to an awfully scaring label, ‘ YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN LOCKED !’

One such virus is ‘fbi virus‘. In short, it simply restricts users from logging into their computers, with a message on the name of FBI as soon as they visit a compromised site. Since it gets automatically downloaded into users’ computer, there ain’t no plenty of precautions that can be taken. There have been some cases reported where even visiting websites of NGOs etcetera has lead to a disastrous phase. The alleged reason for the restraint is downloading of copyrighted or illegal stuff. Once FBI MoneyPak has infiltrated the user’s computer and denied his access, the virus demands him to pay a charge of an amount between $100 and $500 within 96 hours in order to regain the access to his computer. It is also said that, if the charge is not paid within the aforementioned time limit, there’ll be legal complaint registered against the user. Also, the ransomware accepts payments through one and only payment method of MoneyPak.

Example your computer has been locked Beware, you’re being watched!

your computer has been locked

Now, you might be wondering what exactly MoneyPak is. Well, it is a payment method which, kind of, acts like a credit card except for the fact that it has preloaded money. It is to be bought from select stores and is a pretty useful thing. Coming to the point, the ransomware doesn’t exempt the user even after paying the ‘charge’ and the victim ultimately realizes the scam. The ransomware may also be found under several aliases, some of which are Trojan/Win32.Reveton in Windows, Trojan.Winlock for Panda users, Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Urausy for Kaspersky and so on.

Ultimately left with almost no easy way of absolute removal of the ransomware, victims are advised to contact cyber experts as soon as they face the Trojan and with their help, ostracize it.

fbi virus removal help


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